League Schedule Maker

Automatically generate double header schedules and more

Automated Scheduling

Don’t just upload your schedule for display, but automatically create your schedule on your site. You define the parameters and the availability, the system automatically generates your schedule while keeping the distributions between opponents, home/aways, locations, times all even.


As scores are added, the standings are updated automatically. The standings layout is completely configurable and sport specific. If a tie occurs, your list of tie-breakers is automatically processed in order to break the tie and show the correct order in the standings. Have a unique points system? — we handle it. Want to customize the coach information that displays — we do that too! Or if standings aren’t important, just keep them internal and don’t show them to the public.


Pick the stats you want to track for your league. Easily add them and let the system do the rest. Division, team, game, and player views. Plus career stats for your recurring program. Also pick the stats you want to show the top players.


Easily configure Brackets such as Single Elimination, Double Elimination and Best Game scenarios for any Division with regular season games, or as a stand alone Tournament. Automatically seed playoffs from the regular season by Standings or pick the teams manually. Cross division playoffs are available too. Save time by letting your Site automatically move teams through brackets as scores are entered.

Configurable Displays

Want to swap home and away teams on the schedule or just show the first week? We have the configuration for you, so you get the schedule display just the way you want it. You can show scores or not, show scoring comments, plus many more configurations. You can even add your own touch to the schedule by adding sponsors or rules on the schedule page.

Location Management

Only have fields or courts for certain days or times? Need to track school functions where the court is not available? The location module allows you to track availability and blocked times for each location. Then when scheduling, if you pick a time that’s not available the system will warn you. Each location has its own calendar showing availability and game/practice schedules.

Double Headers

We support same team and different team double headers — and other scenarios too, like byes or double headers for odd team divisions, alternating time slots, and more. Automatically minimizes gap games based on your time slots. Plus get all the stats with distribution grids on the schedule page to see how great your schedule is.

Schedule Conflicts

Teams always have special requests — if you honor them, it’s your choice, although TeamSideline will track them for you and let you know when one is violated. Track conflicts with other teams, recurring dates/times, and specific times for those that don’t like late games. TeamSideline will also let you know if you’re scheduling over a holiday or Superbowl Sunday!

Advanced Scheduling

Advanced scheduling is for larger organizations or those that are scheduling inter-league or cross club play, where home team field needs to be comprehended. Includes auto-assign, which takes field characteristics, availability, and your configurations into account to easily create all the schedules. Advanced game locking, swapping, and audit tracking features included. Automatically schedule around multi-team coaches and other conflicts.

Officials Module

A fully functioning officials module, just like the competition who only does officials stuff, but with TeamSideline it’s integrated with your schedules. If a game changes times, then the officials are notified so adjustments can be made, making everyone’s life easier and minimizing mistakes. Supports assignments by the coordinator, or allows the officials to choose their games, or a combination of both. You set who is approved for what type of game, and then the official only sees what they are approved for. Includes post game reports and payment tracking features as well.

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