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The TeamSideline Membership Module saves you time and effort by automating the Membership process- no more tracking down dues and printing out paperwork. The Membership module offers fee options! The TeamSideline Membership Module enables you to have a monthly, annual, or bi-annual membership fee.

With the Membership module you have flexibility to set up your fees how you want! For example, the membership fee can be required to be paid when members register for a program. Or you can also configure your membership fees to simply be a standalone optional membership fee.

Save yourself the headache, and manage renewals automatically: The system will automatically detect when a membership has expired and add the membership fee to the next registration. Memberships can be setup for one or multiple months or years with the expiration date setup to expire based on the date the membership was initially paid for.


Help grow your organzation with TeamSideline’s Membership Module.

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Check out some of TeamSideline’s other features:

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