Player Registration

Player registration includes all of the functions you need to register your players and staff, assign them to teams, create team sites to help the Staff manage their teams, create practice and game schedules, setup volunteer opportunities and shifts, send communications, take surveys, and more.

Team Assignments

We have designed the TeamSideline registration and team assignment process to be a seamless solution. First, the data you capture during registration is created and customized by you. Second, this same registration data can be used to filter your players and staff to make team assignments. For example, you can choose to capture what school players are going to during registration, and then select players by school during team assignments.

Team Sites

When you are done with your Team Assignments, all Staff and Players should be assigned to Teams. With TeamSideline, the next step is to click a button to create Team Sites. We don’t mean just team pages — each team gets their own team site with auto-population of roster and schedules. Reminder emails for games. Coaches and staff can manage the site and add announcements, links, and pictures. Send communications to the auto-generated team distribution list. Plus, track team stats or payments. Members get a consolidated calendar if they have multiple kids. They can also invite family and friends to be in the know about games. Everything is secure and private to the team.

Mail Merge

When you create your registration program, you can create your own custom data fields to capture (like years in the League, school attending, or anything else). However, you can also add in custom “sections” of data we have made available to you – like an emergency contact information section to capture all of the basic emergency contact data – or a medical information section. When you are done with Registration, you can create a Mail Merge document – you decide which registration data you want to appear on a form to create a Medical Release Waiver Form or Emergency Contact Form or a single form for both. It’s then easy to print your Form so that each page contains all of the data related to each player.

True Data Integration

If you’ve read about the Team Sites – and about Mail Merge – you’ll now understand why TeamSideline means true data integration – because you can have those Mail Merge forms deployed to your Team Sites. This means each coach can simply sign in to the Team Site, print the Medical Release Forms specific to the team roster, and bring them to the first practice for parents to review and sign.

Volunteer Management

There is a lot of functionality related to players and Team Staff, but there is also a Volunteer Management Module to help the rest of the organization adults get involved. For example, perhaps you need to assign and track volunteer shifts for the snack bar or opening day? The Volunteer Management module enables you to define the shifts and then allow parents/volunteers to sign up for the time that works for them. You can even configure follow-up notices so everyone signs up or run the exception report to see who is not signed up. To reduce no-shows, Volunteers will get a reminder email prior to their shift – and all volunteer activity can be tracked on each member account.

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