ActiveNet Integration:

Are you currently using ActiveNet for registration - but looking to save time managing your League and at the same time improve your member satisfaction?

Then there are 3 things you should know about TeamSideline.

TeamSideline’s Administrative features are very robust – we're a one-stop-shop where everything for your League Management needs is together in one place -- from roster management, tournament, practice, and league game scheduling to our official’s module, team sites, and more.

TeamSideline Customer Support is “top-notch” – you can contact us by phone or email, schedule training meetings, or talk to us "live" -- all part of our regular service. Ask any of our customers today and you'll hear the same thing: we are very quick to respond and have great Customer Support.

We have built an integration with the best Recreation Software on the planet, Active. This means you can get TeamSideline, the #1 Sports Rec League Management solution, with Active, the #1 Park & Rec Software solution. Our integration with Active means your customers register and pay for their Activities via your ActiveNet site as usual, then have all their information seamlessly transfer over to your TeamSideline site for team rostering, communications and scheduling.

This means you can now have the best of both worlds, keeping the registration process the same for your customers while also utilizing TeamSideline’s robust league management and scheduling software.

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